VR: A Case for the Long View

A lot of “year in review” press has come out in the last week around developments in VR, and most of it’s neutral, but there are a few overly bearish articles that seem to hinge on developments in the last 12 months not resulting in widespread consumer adoption. I wrote something a bit longer for There Is Only R about this, but think anyone who had a mental timeline of a year or two for VR ubiquitousness made the wrong assumptions in the first place.

First, I think two things that will spur widespread adoption are a good cheap AR/MR devices and good social VR experiences. We don’t have either yet. We have decent immersive consumer VR (which is a big leap when you look at the history of VR) and easily accessible but mostly shitty mobile VR. And that’s pretty reasonable for where we should be going into 2017.

I am not interested in VR as a short term investment; i’m interested in what it can do long term. I envision it transforming the way we think about screens, because what we think of as a screen is going to change. I think social VR/AR/MR (there needs to be a less-awkward term that encompasses all of these things–R mod?) experiences will be as commonplace to us as email, messaging and videochatting are now.  I also think these experiences will be seamless and the tech will be largely invisible.