Trumpcare and Trump Voters

If Congress manages to pass Trumpcare, it’s mostly going to hurt Trump voters–particularly older ones–and most of them don’t realize it because they conflate the exchanges for uninsured with ACA at large, which affects everyone. I wish they had been more thoughtful about who they voted for in the election, but I have no desire to see anyone lose basic healthcare or be medically bankrupted because the insurance they do have won’t cover much of anything thanks to the GOP and Trump’s kowtowing to insurance companies. And this will happen if Trumpcare passes.

I also don’t believe that only the rich deserve to afford to get sick, and I don’t believe that the poor don’t have healthcare because they’re all irresponsibly buying iphones instead of paying an 24K a household a year in healthcare premiums. I know plenty of middle class people with chronic conditions, low income people who can’t stash away money for health care savings accounts that wouldn’t cover their expenses anyway because they have to eat and pay rent, and even wealthier people who’ve been only able to pay for extensive cancer treatments and the like because there have been safety nets in place. This affects literally everyone. If it hasn’t affected you yet, it will. (Unless you’ve discovered the key to immortality, in which case, please share.)

I had a conversation a few weeks ago with a Canadian client who’s conservative and the CEO of a company, and were it not for the awful way this country treats the poor and the sick, would be a Republican here. But as she put it, some level of fiscal conservatism in Canada is sustainable in part because the most vulnerable are taken care of and poverty, crime, are less of a problem across the board. We are the only developed democracy in the world that does not share that philosophy.