The Numbers

I think the most thankless and ineffective thing you can possibly do on the Internet is post a political opinion on Facebook. But I just did it! Because at some point, you have to communicate where people live, even if it might not go anywhere. So here was my post:

I am going to break character and use Facebook the way most people use Facebook: by posting a more than 15 word political opinion!

So amazing selective vision: three million people demonstrate peacefully over women’s rights and immigration over the course of two weeks and the only thing the right wing can see is 1,000 people at Berkeley. Amazing. I don’t think it’s that they don’t understand math, it’s that they try so hard to pretend that numbers don’t mean anything. In the same way that Clinton’s popular vote doesn’t! Middle America is apparently misunderstood but the three million MORE people who voted for Clinton? Who cares about them? They weren’t smart enough to live in a gerrymandered district!

Either you care about empiricism or you don’t. The math means something to you or it doesn’t.

The irony here is the accusations from the right that left is emotionally-driven. They’re “snowflakes.” Nobody has been more emotional than the people ranting about demonstrations. Either you believe we live in a democracy and peaceful dissent is part of that, or you need so much insane validation that everyone must agree with you all of the time and people non-violently marching is personally offensive to you.

Which is what POTUS apparently needs right now! It’s all he talks about to anyone. Even as an atheist at the National Prayer Breakfast! (Not even politically astute enough to convincingly pretend he’s a Christian during a Christian event.)

But it’s what he’s always needed. Can’t handle criticism, is thin skinned, always needs people to pat him on the back and tell him that he’s great–like a child. We have a president who needs to be assured constantly, “good job! you’re so smart! so successful!”

My 20 month old needs less assurance. That is where we are.