The Insurrection’s 2017 in Six Tweets

At the beginning of 2017, my small company decided to take everything we had in our arsenal and go full-time into politics because we spent the end of 2016 thinking of and talking about nothing else. It seemed urgent in a way that eclipsed even the things we were excited about. (1/6)

I was appalled that Trump had been elected, and actually put together a deck for the new co with a footnote that said “Because Fuck That Guy”. And he’s done nothing to contradict my low expectations, which altitude-wise, were somewhere around the 3rd or 4th circle of hell. (2/6)

So we bootstrapped off of agency revenues, raised a little money, and got some new vendor contracts, and also got lot of support from people who were generous to us and were also motivated to do something about what was happening. (3/6)

And among other things, we worked on the Virginia and Alabama elections, and got to share thrilling, heartening wins with everyone else who worked to demonstrate that Trumpism is not the new status quo. (4/6)

The Alabama Senate race was particularly meaningful to me because I’m an AL native. Jones was elected the day after my birthday. (5/6)

So Happy New Year! And here’s to doubling down–tripling, quadrupling, whatever it takes–in 2018. (And, still, Fuck That Guy.) (6/6)