The Inauguration

I can’t watch. And more to the point, I won’t watch. A piece of my brain is still in denial that we somehow managed to elect a President with no experience, brains,¬†or character to run the country. This may even be Donald Trump’s first real job, when you consider that he’s spent a lifetime running his family business (badly) and has never been held accountable to anyone. He hasn’t even started the job yet and is planning on a couple of days off after the inauguration. He has zero respect for the office and doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near it.

And his only interest in being president in the first place is that he has a bottomless narcissistic need for constant attention that will never be satisfied, even if his face is on every screen in America, all the time. He conflates fame with competence, and infamy for validation. So maybe it’s a small act of protest, but I’m not going to give him the TV ratings he so desperately wants. He has done nothing to earn that satisfaction and everything that should have deprived him of it.