Some Upcoming Things

Our whole family has been sick this week, so I’m not getting the running start I was hoping for post-break, but being out of the office for a day or two makes for good thinking and planning time. On Monday, I’m sending out my (very infrequent) newsletter. If you want to sign up, you can do so by adding your email to the subscription box on the bottom right of this page. I’m considering breaking it into two newsletters, one about work (things we’re doing at the Insurrection, VR, hiring, industry stuff), and one that’s more in the vein of the personal Tiny Letters I see cropping up among writer friends–something more essayistic, with recommendations and such. Neither of them would be very frequent. Maybe twice a month.

I’m also finishing up an updated 2017 capabilities deck for our agency business. In six months of operation we’ve had some great client projects that were more along the lines of traditional agency and research work: we shot a video series for UK bike company, Brompton. We did some statistical analysis and survey fielding for Quartz. Branded content and digital strategy for a wide variety of companies. And even some executive branding, which I didn’t intend to do originally, but people keep asking for it as part of branded content implementations. For the full gamut of what we do, email me at and I’ll send you the new deck.

Perhaps most importantly, also assembled a network of creators and developers for VR implementations, which is the long game for us–and our conversations with them and interviews with VR pioneers via There Is Only R have informed development for the analytics product we’re working on. If you’re a brand that’s thinking about doing a VR execution, feel free to get in touch. We also developed a primer for companies that are exploring VR and are happy to send over a copy if you’re interested.

On a personal note, I did more writing this year, and I think it’s partly because I’m not editing and writing for work on a day to day basis. In my day job, my brain is mostly engaged with product development, sales, fundraising, and figuring out how to scale. And I think it’s better for my productivity and my creativity to engage multiple parts of my brain and not just the piece of my frontal lobe devoted to articulating and assembling thoughts in text. I think it’s important to appreciate and enjoy the process of the work, and not just the outcomes.