Media, Trump, and What I’m Working On

I spoke to CNN Reliable Sources host (and my former colleague) Brian Stelter a couple of weeks ago for the Reliable Sources podcast, and we discussed the usual political topics (Trump, Russia, my ex-boss Jared Kushner), but RS is mostly a show about the media, so we spent a lot of time talking about my new venture, for which I’m in the process of fundraising. We’re calling it The Insurrection for now because we already an entity with that name and, well, it works. Brian and I discussed a variety of topics, but of particular interest to media junkies: sustainable non-advertising based business models, distribution and targeting, discovery mechanisms for content and how they can be applied to commerce, and what right wing media did in the last election cycle that left-leaning media didn’t. (Chances are, I also called the President an idiot at some point, but that’s not exactly an esoteric view.) You can read & listen here.