McCarthy As Spicer

I’m not sure public shaming really works on POTUS in a way that makes him consider changing his behavior, but I do think other members of the administration can be moved by it. So I don’t feel much sympathy for Sean Spicer after Melissa McCarthy’s hilarious skewering of him on SNL last night. (It seems like McCarthy might have written some¬†of the sketch herself because it was tonally different and 10x more funny than anything else in the episode.) ¬†Spicer wouldn’t have even been a major character on SNL if he hadn’t repeatedly taken the podium and told blatant lies to the press –in a way that WHPSes in previous admins have never done–while berating them for doing their jobs and trying to gaslight them into believing that they should take POTUS’s word over objective reality and suggesting that they’re unpatriotic if they don’t. I’ve never seen anything like it. So if he feels a little sheepish stepping up to the podium at the next presser, I think some public accountability via comedy isn’t a bad thing. Bannon and Trump may be immune to ruthless mockery, but I doubt everyone is. Any tool that works toward holding the admin accountable should be deployed at this point.

And if you haven’t seen the sketch, mediaite has it here.