Jury Duty

I had Grand Jury duty this morning, and while I don’t mind doing my civic duty generally, was happy to get a postponement till August because risking a three month¬†stint during busy season when I’m the person responsible for generating revenue for my company makes me very nervous. But it was only an option because an unusually large number of people showed up this morning and according to the administrator managing the process, that “never happens”. Apparently the state is having trouble finding jurors because the number of people who show up keeps going down. (Maybe because people like our PEOTUS think they can just skip out.)

It would be nice if there was a way for the system to accommodate those of us who wish to serve and would do it voluntarily more than once every 8 years, if we could apply for specific time slots during the year. I’ve mostly worked for myself for the last decade, and I’d definitely have been more inclined to volunteer during periods where I didn’t lose money doing it because I wasn’t responsible for revenue generation, or when I could plan it during lower seasonal cycles. (Sure, the dead of summer is fine!)

It was also be nice if the summonses were digitized. I couldn’t find mine this morning and had to go to another building¬†to pick up a new one before heading to court. It doesn’t seem unreasonable to think you should be able to just print them out, like a boarding pass or concert ticket.