Hiring: Editor in Chief

I’m hiring for a new project: 

Casper is seeking a full-time editor-in-chief to run an independent media property that covers sleep and related lifestyle issues and stories, from the science of sleep to bedroom décor to your favorite things to do in bed.

The editor-in-chief will manage all editorial functions, including assigning and editing articles, posts and video projects and ensuring that the site’s content aligns with the site’s mission, style and tone. The editor in chief will manage a small full-time team of writers, editors and other editorial personnel. Job functions include

– Assigning and editing original content

– Overseeing other aspects of production, including art direction

– Implementing and managing workflow processes associated with editorial

– Analyzing and evaluating data to determine most effective editorial and marketing practices and adjusting strategies accordingly

Applicants should have at least 5 years of experience as an editor at an online publication, including some management experience, and be prepared to work in a demanding, fast-paced environment that publishes several times daily. Building and growing audience on an early stage website or online community is a plus. Candidates should also have some basic journalism experience and a track record of commissioning and creating original content that is compelling and unique. Experience in science writing and journalism is also a plus.

The ideal candidate has experience with and enthusiasm for growing new media properties from scratch and can translate the company’s mission into cohesive, captivating editorial that engages readers and keeps them coming back for more.

Compensation will consist of a competitive base salary with an additional potential bonus contingent upon traffic performance. Applicants should be familiar with WordPress and basic analytics tools such as Chartbeat and Google Analytics, and have fluency with social media and social media analytic tools.

The position is based in New York City. Send cover letters and resumes to me at espiers AT gmail.com, subject line: Casper EIC.

  • That is a seriously nice looking website.

  • katyll

    Now THIS is a job I was born for! Nobody, but nobody, is as good at sleep as me!

  • Ian Kaplan

    Since there’s a lot of discussion about diversity here… I looked at the Casper web site, which is beautifully done. Looking at the team, I saw what I generally seen with start-ups. Lots of people under 40, although in this case there are more women. Perhaps I’ve gotten overly sensitive to the issue of age discrimination, but I think that I’ll stick with memory foam instead of buying from yet another twenty something company.

    • Hi Ian – You seem to be under the impression that they’re screening older candidates out, which is not what’s happening. (I should know; I’m the one sending candidates in and getting feedback on how they’re working out.)

      Age discrimination is definitely a problem with a lot of startups, but Casper is actively looking for someone with experience. And when you see a small staff that looks like it skews young, you also have to consider that it may be difficult for them to hire experienced talent for precisely that reason. I do a lot of recruiting and I would say 50% of the over 40 candidates I talk to refuse to work for someone that much younger–usually for ego reasons. As one candidate put it to me: I’d work for them, but only if they put me in charge and reported to me. So there aren’t exactly a lot of 40+ candidates plowing down my door for this job, but every time I’ve snagged one with relevant experience, I’ve sent them in.
      It’s also a problem that many candidates with 15+ years of experience come out of traditional media and don’t have enough digital experience specifically, and many think that print experience is a substitute, or worse, that it’s in some way superior. It is not, on either count.

      • Ian Kaplan

        Thanks for the post. I can see that I jumped to the wrong conclusion. I’ve probably become overly sensitive.

        I’ve never had any problem with working for someone younger. I strongly believe that you never get to say “because I have more experience”. You have to argue on the merit of the case. But as you point out, I suppose that some people would resent working for someone younger.

      • This is a great response, Elizabeth.

  • Katherine Turman

    Hi… presuming the job filled by now? Or not?