Here I Go Again On My Own

by Elizabeth

Inspired by Lockhart Steele’s return to personal blogging, I’ve decided to give it a shot myself–with the caveat that if this ends up being Not Fun after 30 days, I will go back to Not Blogging. I haven’t really blogged on a regular basis since I left Gawker in 2003 and having to do 12 posts a day (and seven days a week, originally) burned me out pretty badly.

But now I’m at the opposite end of the continuum; I’m usually working on one or two long-form writing projects, but not very much writing gets done in public otherwise. And there are things about blogging that I miss. I like consistently writing for an audience and getting feedback. It helps me work out my arguments and thoughts about various issues and clarifies muddy thinking.

And I miss being able to engage other people online in discussions that are actually productive. In the days before comments on blogs, you could generally have a thoughtful conversation online without everything degenerating into madness and chaos simply because responding to a post required that you wrote a post on your own blog and linked back. This created a certain level of default accountability because if someone wanted to flame you, they had to do it on their own real estate, and couldn’t just crap all over yours anonymously. So in the spirit of old-school blogging, I’ll approve comments here, but am much more likely to engage if you create a blog post of your own and link back.

So what am I going to blog about? I’m not totally sure. But I’m going to copycat Lock and say I’m committed to one post a day, and if it’s fun, I’ll probably do more here and there. Some of it’ll be stereotypical protoblogger stuff: what I had for lunch, how I feel about the President, what I think about The Media. But I anticipate that this’ll a lot broader than my original blogging was. If I get stuck, I might use prompts–Quora questions, inquiries from readers, etc.–and I’ll duplicate some of my Instagramming here. (I’m sorry if that’s annoying to the four people who follow me on Instagram, but I feel like there’s some overlap between Instagramming and personal blogging.) And I might post some short fiction snippets.

I also take requests. But I can’t tell you what The Restaurant of the Summer is because that’s not my bag. But if you tell me, I will book a reservation.