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Hello, World.

  Update: Our son, Ford Philip Sederstrom, was born Tuesday, June 9th, clocking in at just an ounce under 8 lbs. He’s healthy and wonderful and we’re thoroughly enjoying our time off with him.

Out Of Office Until September

Admin note: I am scheduled to have a baby at 1:30pm on June 10th 12:30pm on June 9th. Our son, Ford Philip Sederstrom, will be arriving via c-section–unless he shrinks by a couple of pounds and simultaneously decides to move out of breech before then, in which case he will be arriving whenever he feels like […]

What Passes for Excellence

If you’re looking for housing in Silicon Valley, you may have come across the following listing for spots in a startup house/community of excellence outside of Stanford. Others have expressed thoughts about it, but what I think it’s really missing is a between-the lines interpretation of the requirements, which, according to at least one member of the house, are […]

Hiring: Casper

I’m working on a new site owned by Casper, the red-hot new mattress startup that’s based here in NYC. The site will cover all aspects of sleep and various nocturnal adventures and is helmed by editor in chief Jeff Koyen, most recently of Digiday, and formerly the editor of The New York Press during its […]

Still Here

So I didn’t give up on blogging, nor have I fallen off the face of the earth. But I’ve been hibernating for a bit. First of all, the last two months have been been tough. In mid-February, my younger brother Philip died unexpectedly at the age of 36 of a heart attack. I process grief […]

DIY Your Own Indie Pub

Quick link: I had a long conversation on Friday with an acquaintance about what it takes to start a lightweight indie pub and pointed her to ModelViewCulture co-founder Amelia Greenhall’s post “Start Your Own Brand: Everything I Know About Starting Collaborative Feminist Publications.” It’s comprehensive but digestible. Not everything is strictly necessary (working outside of […]

How Do You Feel?

When women who’ve had kids find out I’m pregnant, this is the first question they ask. It’s appreciated, because after you read small libraries’ worth of pregnancy literature about the myriad of things that can go wrong and the damage the whole process can and does inflict on your body–all with the caveat “it may […]

VIP (Very Important Plant) Update

Four months in: The money tree is still alive and I’ve only managed to kill one of the succulents. (Apparently, you have to water them more frequently when your radiator heat is drying out everything in the house, including yourself, your husband and your cat.)

On the matter of Weev vs. Kane

Update, January 20: Kane’s response is here. She acknowledges that she said some racist stuff while she was dating Weev, but dismisses her behavior on the basis that it was “irony” or “satire.” She also takes me to task for having the temerity to have an opinion about it, asserting that I’m jealous of her […]

Grumpy Cat

James involuntarily parted with his testicles yesterday. NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT. Sorry, buddy. This is the price you have to pay for three squares and a roof over your head. Luv u.