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DIY Your Own Indie Pub

Quick link: I had a long conversation on Friday with an acquaintance about what it takes to start a lightweight indie pub and pointed her to ModelViewCulture co-founder Amelia Greenhall’s post “Start Your Own Brand: Everything I Know About Starting Collaborative Feminist Publications.” It’s comprehensive but digestible. Not everything is strictly necessary (working outside of […]

How Do You Feel?

When women who’ve had kids find out I’m pregnant, this is the first question they ask. It’s appreciated, because after you read small libraries’ worth of pregnancy literature about the myriad of things that can go wrong and the damage the whole process can and does inflict on your body–all with the caveat “it may […]

VIP (Very Important Plant) Update

Four months in: The money tree is still alive and I’ve only managed to kill one of the succulents. (Apparently, you have to water them more frequently when your radiator heat is drying out everything in the house, including yourself, your husband and your cat.)

On the matter of Weev vs. Kane

Update, January 20: Kane’s response is here. She acknowledges that she said some racist stuff while she was dating Weev, but dismisses her behavior on the basis that it was “irony” or “satire.” She also takes me to task for having the temerity to have an opinion about it, asserting that I’m jealous of her […]

Grumpy Cat

James involuntarily parted with his testicles yesterday. NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT. Sorry, buddy. This is the price you have to pay for three squares and a roof over your head. Luv u.

How to Be A Good Media Owner

Sarah Lacy has a piece up on Pando titled “The trait all media owners need (Hint: Tech moguls like Omidyar, Hughes and Williams don’t have it)“. At the risk of spoiling it–it’s worth reading the whole thing–she makes an argument that the tech moguls above have a problem with the confrontations that inevitably arise when […]

Happy New Year

So far, Lock is doing a better job with 2015 blogging than I am. I’m not sure daily blogging really works for me, but I think it’s been worthwhile generally, and plan to keep it up. In other news: I wrote another Diary column for the FT. Topics covered: pregnancy apps, the NYPD, the inevitable […]

Top Five Digital Media Launch Mistakes

I’ve been thinking about my work plan for 2015–things I want to change, things I like, and so on. Part of that process is figuring out what I’m doing wrong and what’s out of my hands. With consulting, what’s out of your hands can be anything from nearly all of it to almost none of […]

Pregnancy and privilege

Blogging has been pretty lackluster here for a while, and I suppose I alluded to why a few weeks ago: a combination of busy season with work and feeling under the weather. And I can now clarify: by “under the weather” I mean morning sickness.  And by “morning sickness” I mean all day nausea and […]

Maybe I’ll just take a break from Facebook…

The Root has a good piece up on how to deal with friends’ racist reactions to Ferguson on social media. It’s sadly necessary, at least for me. In my fifteen years living in New York, I’ve found myself arguing on many occasions that not everyone in my homestate of Alabama is racist, homophobic and generally […]