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To Comment, or Not to Comment

Fred Wilson has a post up today about Re/Code’s decision to eliminate comments, and not surprisingly, there’s a heated discussion about it… in the comments. (I commented on it, and maybe predictably, some blowhard called me a child for disagreeing with him, and then proceeded to mansplain journalism to me, thereby demonstrating the downside of interacting […]

Already Over You, Fall-Slash-Winter.

Fall is my least favorite part of the year work-wise. Everyone tries to cram a lot of last-minute stuff into Q4 and there’s a lot of scrambling and in the middle of it, all of the holiday goings-on and attempts at collective formalized seasonal merriment. (Merriment is not my bailiwick generally.) But the last few […]

How many women does Bill Cosby have to rape before NBC cancels his show?

50? 100? 1,000? Bill Wyman had a must-read essay in CJR last week about why the much of the press hasn’t been asking Bill Cosby about rape allegations. As a journalist, this really gets under my skin. In a lot of cases, it just boils down to cowardice. A lot of people are cowed by celebrity […]

For PR People: How Not to Cold Pitch a Journalist / Editor

I’ve probably written a variation of this post before, but I can’t find it at the moment, and given the state of my inbox and voicemail, it’s evident that it all bears repeating.  And the last couple of weeks, there have been some fairly egregious abuses, so I’m in a particularly foul mood with regard […]

Hiring: Editor in Chief

I’m hiring for a new project:  Casper is seeking a full-time editor-in-chief to run an independent media property that covers sleep and related lifestyle issues and stories, from the science of sleep to bedroom décor to your favorite things to do in bed. The editor-in-chief will manage all editorial functions, including assigning and editing articles, […]

Monday List

PENTAGRAM’S WORLD CHESS SET. There’s no way I could/would shell out USD$450 for a chess set, but this Pentagram designed rosewood/maple set is very, very nice. (And my skill level at chess suggests that I don’t deserve to play on anything nicer than Milton Bradley-grade equipment.) MORE QUIET, PLEASE, (ASSHOLES). One of the advantages of […]

Admin note: I didn’t give up on blogging; I was just severely under the weather last week. (It’s hard to get motivated to blog or do much of anything else when your two primary concerns are more sleep and trying not to vomit.) I think this week will be better. And FYI, this stuff is the […]

No, I won’t be going to The Gutter, but it’s because I’m ambivalent about hipster bowling.

I put this on Facebook for concerned Alabamians related to me, but thought I’d reiterate here: re: Ebola in NYC: I don’t think anyone’s freaking out over it. NYC has an enormously sophisticated response system (especially post-9/11) and hospitals here are equipped to deal with this sort of thing because the assumption is that eventually […]

KittySitterbot 1.0

We just got James (our 4 month old kitten) one of these:   It basically shoots a laser around the room in a random pattern for 15 minutes.  James LOVES it and it’s a good distraction for him while we’re trying to eat or do anything where we’d rather not have him immediately underfoot. But […]

Your Two Jobs as a Manager

Over the years I’ve ended up hiring and training a lot of people in their first jobs as a manager, and I always tell them they have two responsibilities: to set clear expectations and to reduce uncertainty for their teams. (I think this is true of anyone in management, but if you’re a founder / […]