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How to Apply for a Writing Job

I’ve written variations of this post before, but I think it’s worth reiterating. I’m almost perpetually hiring for something, and right now I have a few staff writer positions open and it kind of amazes me that in this kind of media market people don’t educate themselves about how to properly apply for a job. […]

Plant Life

I spent part of the weekend setting up my office in the new place, and thought it would be a little more pleasant with some plants, which according to The Guardian, make people more productive at work. They are also reportedly nice to look at. Or so I hear. I wouldn’t know because I have […]

Who Is Kinja For?

Joel Johnson just Tweeted out a post with that title written by Nick Denton. (The URL reads who-kinja-for-1633989295/+nick, and my first reaction was, “question asked–and answered!”) According to the post, Nick thinks the target Kinja user is the indie blogger: Our primary target is the independent blogger, the archetype of the modern media curator — represented in […]

Happy 9/11 to You

Today is my husband’s birthday. (When people ask, he likes to give them the date and then ominously intone, “never forget.”) Here he is pictured with his birthday gift from my dad and stepmom–an apron that says, “Jotham’s in charge… of the grill”, which is made all the more hilarious by the fact that we […]


I had dinner last night with Early Blogger (TM) Lockhart Steele, and one of the topics that came up–besides Early Blogging (TM)–was meditation. I’ve been meditating for about a year and a half, and mostly to help with focus and stress management. I generally run away from anything that seems really New Age-y or smells like […]

This Will Probably Break the Blog…

I’m getting some complaints that there’s not enough bad writing here. Or maybe it’s just not bad enough. In an attempt to remedy that, I’m publishing two pages of JAMES BOND FAN FICTION**: There was no mistake: James Bond was hungover, and worse, he was flying commercial.  Both experiences always proved to be painful, but […]

Off to Vote…


The Backlog

Like Lock, I got a bit slammed yesterday and didn’t post anything. As I get accustomed to doing this again, I’m trying to avail myself of the tools I used when I had to produce multiple posts daily. One is an idea file that I mine for posts, fiction and essays. I like Steven Johnson’s […]

If You Visualize Your Illness Being Drowned in a Bag of Rocks, It Will Go Away!

As part of my antibiotic/probiotic/fluids/etc regimen this week, I’ve been sucking down cough drops periodically and was kind of surprised to realize that the wrappers are stamped with tiny affirmations. Don’t try harder. Do harder! Easy for you to say, Halls wrapper. Your only job is to sit passively wrapped around something I’m going to suck […]

Is Westboro Baptist Church really just a long con?

A few days ago, I found out that Westboro Baptist Church was planning to boycott Gawker on the 10th. I found this out because they were barraging me on Twitter. Via multiple accounts. One can never have too many @GodHates handles, apparently.   I think we can all agree that Lifehacker is poisonous–SO MANY POSTS […]