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Condé Nast and digital media

Ravi Somaiya has a report in the Times today about internal shifting inside of Condé Nast and some of the business challenges they’re facing. Key graf: In a separate interview, Mr. Sauerberg confirmed that Condé Nast took in over $1 billion in revenue in 2015. The company said that while its print business, spread across nearly […]

How Not to Pitch an Editor, v. 9824792387429387429

Every year or two I write the same article (or blog post or whatever), and it’s usually about specific media properties I’m editing or launching or, in some cases, have only some marginal involvement with. The article is always directed to freelancers who are pitching stories to that publication and do it in the worst, […]

On New York Values

I grew up in a small town in Alabama (Wetumpka, pop. 6,528), and lived there until I went to college at Duke in 1995. The area was and is overwhelmingly conservative, not very diverse and most of the people I grew up with would self-identify as evangelical Christians. (My family was Southern Baptist.) I had […]

Okay, Internet: make me breakfast!

I made a New Year’s resolution to avoid carbs and sugar before 6pm and the toughest thing is figuring out breakfast. (VB6 worked for me for a while and I still do it every now and then, but tend to feel more energetic and satiated during the day if I don’t totally rule out animal protein.) Some […]

Digital Media Slack

Like everyone else in digital publishing, I put all of the teams I build on Slack, if they’re not already on it. Sometimes there’s a bit of resistance at first, but everyone eventually falls in love with it, especially when they begin to understand all of its functionality and what it can actually do. So I’ve been […]


I assigned an essay on list-making as a form of self-expression (pegged to B.J. Novak’s recently launched The List app) and mentioned to the writer that I made lists as a kid to sort out what I liked and didn’t, which she wrote into the piece: The CEO of this site recently confided to me, “When […]

Blogging in 2016

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to give blogging a shot again in 2016. (I don’t anticipate having any babies this year, so it seems more do-able.) So here are my guidelines for myself: Five posts a week, but they don’t have to be expansive. I have a tendency to want to write 2,000 […]

Everup Is Live!

So we went live with Everup on Monday, and the first week was pretty smooth as these things go. There are still a lot of kinks to work out, and because we had a launch sponsor and by extension a hard launch deadline, we have a little more minimum a minimum viable product than I […]

What I’m Doing Now, Etc.

[FROM THE LAST EDITION OF SPIERSLIST:] The last time I sent out a newsletter, I think I was working on a new launch unlike any I’ve done before. There were some complications, but I was very happy with the end product: Our son, Ford Philip Sederstrom, was born on June 9th, and I was on […]

New Moves, Hiring

I’m sending out an edition of Spierslist with some hiring needs and new developments on the professional front. Subscribe here for [very occasional] updates.