Goodbye, Gawker

Gawker’s last day of work was on Monday, and there was a big send-off. If you don’t read anything else about the shutdown, read Tom Scocca’s “Gawker Was Murdered by Gaslight“, which I heartily endorse and wish I’d written myself. And if it’s not too much, you should also read Read More

Recode Podcast

I did Recode’s podcast with Peter Kafka last Wednesday, the afternoon of the Gawker reunion/wake. So naturally we talked about that a bit. And the Observer, and working for Jared Kushner (who is now less known as the publisher of the Observer than Donald Trump’s son-in-law and advisor). And virtual Read More

Track Changes Podcast

I did the Track Changes podcast with Postlight’s Paul Ford and Rich Ziade a few weeks ago, and the episode went live yesterday. In it, we talk about our mutual distaste for job stability, what happened when Rich did Sport’s Illustrated’s swimsuit issue VR sim, what I got paid at Read More